Weather Resistant Outdoor Patio Furniture

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With the beginning of warm days comes a natural inclination to relocate your living to the outdoors. The outdoor spaces of your home become an extension, an outdoor room, of your home. This carefree outdoor lifestyle calls for worry-free, weather resistant furnishings for your outdoor space. Look for these materials when choosing your outdoor pieces: Plastic or Resin: This is easily the most affordable option, and the furniture is lightweight. The designs choices tend to be quite limited, however, and those in windier climates should consider something more substantial.

13 April 2015

How to Landscape with a Mexican Theme

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Have you chosen a traditional Mexican theme for your backyard? Whether you are landscaping a brand new house or giving your existing backyard a brand new look, here are some steps you can take that will make your yard look beautiful and unique. Divide the yard into two areas, one for entertaining and the other one for your garden area. The Entertainment Spot—As you are designing your backyard, consider where you want your entertainment area to be.

26 March 2015

Take Control Of Your Patio Maintenance

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The patio that you have in your backyard can create a serene living arrangement for your property. If you want to be sure that you are able to take good care of your patio, there are some key considerations that you must keep in mind. In this respect, you will want to make the most out of the patio, use some of these tips to help you out in the best way possible.

16 March 2015

How to Tackle a Noisy Garage Door With More Than Just a Can of Grease

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When the garage door you had installed a few years ago has been hanging around for a while, you may start to notice that this handy door just is not as quiet as it once was. In fact, a little age on a garage door can make the thing downright noisy. Before you attempt a cure-all session with a can of spray lubrication, it is a good idea to consider what it is that is causing the noises to start with.

2 March 2015

Learn How To Let Your Teen Customize Their Furniture In A Unique Way

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As children get older, they will want to start to decorate their room to show their unique style. While it would be nice if you could let him or her go wild with their decorating choices in their room, some decorative looks can be difficult for a teen to achieve on their own. A great way to allow your teen to be creative with their decorating choices is to allow them to customize a piece of their furniture.

10 December 2014

3 Ways To Make Your Old Furniture Look New Again

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If you have older furniture that looks faded and worn down, sometimes just replacing these outdated pieces seems like the best thing to do. You can make your old furniture look new and modern again just by putting a little effort into your loyal furniture pieces. Check out 3 ways to make your old furniture something you can be proud of. Refinish old wood Wood furniture in particular takes a beating over time, becoming discolored, cracked, and splintered.

9 December 2014

Three Ways To Protect Your Plumbing From A Mischievous Toddler

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Once your child figures out how to walk, you'll start finding items in places you never would have imagined. Suddenly your hairbrush shows up on the dining room floor, or that sock you've been missing magically makes its way into the toy box. Toddlers can be mischievous, and as cute as these behaviors may be, they can lead to costly plumbing repairs if you're not careful. After all, a toilet sure looks a lot like a toy box to your little one.

9 December 2014

How To Take Care Of Your Yard After Hydroseeding

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Hydroseeding is a great option when you need to put in a new yard because it is far less expensive than doing sod. When you hydroseed, here are 3 things you need to do to take care of your landscape maintenance so that the grass grows properly. Do Not Touch The first rule that you need to follow after hydroseeding is to not touch the yard at all. Because the seed has to germinate and grow into the ground, any disturbance can cause it to not grow.

4 December 2014

5 Tell Tale Signs You Have A Shifting Foundation

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Are you beginning to notice small, odd changes to your home? Some of the slightest changes to your homes structure could be an indication of a shifting or failing foundation. Here are some things to look out for: Leaky Roof If you begin to notice that your roof is leaking and your shingles are in good repair, you could have an issue with your foundation. When you are checking the leak, thoroughly check to make sure shingles aren't missing, the chimney is sealed, and the gutters are in good shape.

3 December 2014