4 Solutions To Help You With Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems For Your Lawn

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There are many different solutions that you may want to consider for an irrigation system. This can be done with many different solutions, including smart irrigation systems that collect weather data for efficient irrigation. There are also systems that can be eco-friendlier and use renewable resources like rain harvesting and grey water. Here are some of the things you may want to consider for an eco-friendly sprinkler system for your home:

1. Reduce Water Consumption And Water Your Lawn With Grey Water

If you want to reduce water consumption in your home, grey water can be a good recourse. This is water that comes from things like appliances and shower. It is often clean and can be used for things like irrigation. It can also be filtered and be used for other non-potable uses like for flushing toilets.

2. Rain Harvesting For Many Options For Irrigation And Fresh Water

Rain harvesting is another improvement that you may want to consider. This can be done by adding pipes and tanks to the gutter system on the eaves of your home. The water that comes from rain runoff is often clean and can be used for irrigation, as well as other potable uses with a filtration and water purification system.

3. Using Solar And Wind Energy To Power Small Sprinkler Systems

Solar energy may be something that you want to add to the irrigation system of your home. This can be done with small pumps that power sprinkler with lower pressure. You can use a small solar power array to power the irrigation systems, as well as add a wind turbine to supplement your energy needs if the panels are not enough.

4. Gravity Fed Systems To Water Your Landscaping With Drip Irrigation

Gravity can also be a good solution to power your irrigation system. For any of the planted areas that need watering and are below collection tanks, you can run drip tubes to provide water to the plants. This can be an energy efficient way to irrigate landscaping, as well as help you reduce wasted water. You can even use this type of irrigation for lawns with drip-tubing that is installed beneath the turf.

These are some of the eco-friendly solutions that you may want to consider for your irrigation system. If you are ready to have a landscaping irrigation system installed for your home, contact a sprinkler service and talk with them about some of these options. To learn more, contact a sprinkler company like Krupske Sprinkler Systems.


9 March 2016