Love Plants And Flowers In Your Homes? You Should Install A Garden Window In Your Kitchen

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If you love to have plants and flowers in your home, you should consider installing a garden window in your kitchen. This provides you with not only a place for your plants, but gives your kitchen more appeal. Below are some tips and benefits of using garden windows for your kitchen so you can decide if they are right for you.

Makes Your Kitchen Look Larger

If you have a small kitchen, a garden window is a great way to make it look larger. This is because a garden window is much like a bay window. The main difference between the two is these windows are smaller. In most cases, the garden window will be a few inches deep. Shelves are then installed in the window for the place to put your plants.

Using Tieback Curtains for a Garden Window

If you want to also have curtains on your garden window, tieback curtains work well. These windows tie back on each side so they will not hit the plants. This gives the window even more appeal. You can find a variety of tiebacks. For example, choose tiebacks that look like flowers for this type of window instead of the standard tassels. You can even make your own teacup tiebacks. Visit some garage sales, thrift stores, and antique stores to find some unique teacups.

The best type of material for curtains is lightweight fabrics, such as sheer cotton, linen, or lace. This is because they will not hold odors from your kitchen. Contact a company like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley for more information.

Make Your Kitchen Look Unique

A garden window makes your kitchen look very unique and visually appealing.  Along with the plants, you can also place things like decorative plates, vases, or anything else that you want on the shelves. This type of window also looks appealing from the outside so it gives your home more curb appeal.

Adds Sunlight

Garden windows also add a lot of sunlight into your kitchen. This will keep your kitchen warmer in the winter months, and keep your energy bills down. If you want a little less sun coming in, you can choose glass panes that have a special filter coating that blocks out some of the sun's rays. This still lets enough sun come in, however, so your plants will be healthy.

Hire a professional window installer to do this for you, or if you are the DIY type, you can install a garden window on your own to save some money.


12 April 2016