3 Things To Know Before Having Natural Stone Tile Installed

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If you are thinking about replacing the current flooring in any of the rooms in your home, you may be considering natural stone tile. Natural stone flooring, such as slate, marble, travertine, and limestone, have become increasingly popular and can transform the look of any room. Before having natural stone tiles laid, you need to know the following things: You Can't Control the Look of Every Tile Natural stone is gorgeous and comes in a variety of shades and colors.

30 October 2015

Home Theater Design Tips for Movie Enjoyment

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When you spend the money on a home theater project, you are going to want to make sure that it is as well-thought-out as possible. This will help ensure that you are able to get the maximum level of enjoyment out of your home theater and increase its overall value as a place to take clients and guests in order to show them a good time. Here are some design tips for making sure that your home theater has a layout that will allow you to enjoy a movie to the fullest extent.

16 October 2015

Make A Hanging Lantern With An Empty Juice Jug, Embellishments, And Basic Tools

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Learn how to make a decorative hanging lanterns with the following steps. Use an empty juice jug. embellishments, and basic tools to create this project. Hang the finished lantern from a tree limb or set it on a table on your patio so that you have plenty of light to see when you are spending time outdoors at night. Materials empty juice jug soapy water sponge lint-free cloth newspaper stencils two-sided tape scissors luminous spray paint  glass chips or marbles craft wire wire cutters power drill clip-on LED light (battery operated) Clean The Jug And Add Luminous Paint To Its Exterior

12 October 2015

Blown Insulation: A Comparison Between Cellulose And Fibreglass

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Blown insulation is made of loose particles that can be easily blown into a structure. The insulation is usually preferable for covering the space between the interior and exterior of walls, as well as covering hard-to-reach areas such as chimneys, attics or stove vents. This type of insulation is typically used on new structures as well as to add reinforcement to existing insulation. Cellulose vs fiberglass blown insulation There are basically two types of blown insulation; cellulose and fiberglass.

15 September 2015

Dogs Jumping At Your Windows? Follow These Tips To Prevent Damage

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If you have dogs that like to lunge and bang at your windows as cars or other animals pass by outside, over time your windows or window blinds may break, and your window sills can become damaged. You may have to get your dog some professional training if you cannot stop this behavior. In the meantime, follow the tips below to save your windows. Window Film Window film can be applied to your windows.

18 August 2015

The Household Items That Work Best For Temporary Pest Control

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Do you have a variety of pests plaguing your yard, garden, home interior, or all of the above? Only the assistance of a pest control company (such as Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control) can truly rid you of these annoyances. But there are a few household items that can help keep the pests at bay until professional help can arrive. Before you use these tips, make sure you try and eliminate potential causes for the pest problem.

29 July 2015

5 Ways To Care For Your Granite Countertops

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Many homeowners prefer granite countertops because they are so durable. This does not mean that you can go wild and use your granite countertop however you want because they still require some proper care to keep them in great condition. Here are five tips for how to maintain your granite countertops. Clean Spills Immediately Even though granite is a hard material, it is still semi-porous. The surface will remain free of stains if you clean spills immediately, but some liquids left on the surface for a long time can cause staining to occur if you are not careful.

30 June 2015