How To Decorate Your Kitchen With A Country Theme

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Did you love TV shows like Little House On The Prairie and The Waltons?  If you have decided to decorate your kitchen with the country theme that was depicted in those shows, you are truly in for some fun. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and special.

The Walls - A great choice for your wall treatment would be to select wallpaper that features things like farm animals, bonnets, and flowers. Another idea is to paint the walls in a soft color and then enhance the walls with a wallpaper border that has a farm theme. Another great touch for painted walls would be stenciling. Some good stencil choices would be roosters, sunflowers and birdhouses. Add decor to the walls to bring the country theme to life.

  • Frame handmade articles like embroidered dish towels and tatted doilies and hang them on the wall. A patchwork quilt would be a great wall hanging.
  • Hanging old-fashioned clothes like aprons, bonnets, denim overalls and bloomers on the wall would add interest to the room.
  • Frame pictures of your family members in old-fashioned country clothes and arrange them in a grouping on one of your kitchen walls.

The Flooring - Whether you are building a brand new house or remodeling your present kitchen, the floor you select should keep with the country theme you have selected. Have you thought about having a faux painted concrete floor? If you are not artistic, hire a professional to make your concrete look like brick, pebble stone or wood, which definitely reflect a rustic country feeling. Concrete floors are very affordable and will last for more years than you'll be in your home.

Another great idea is to select hardwood floors. For your country theme, choose wood that has a rustic feeling to it. Among good choices are heart pine, white oak, and walnut. Antique reclaimed woods would be good, too.  All of these types of hardwood floor would maintain the country mood you have selected. In addition,  they would all go with the country home decor you will select for the room. Hardwood floors may be more expensive than concrete, but they are worth every penny you'll spend on them. They're also easy to care for. Just go over them with a dust mop and a slightly damp mop. When more attention is needed, use products that will make them look like new again. For more on hardwood floors, visit Carpet Depot Inc.

Home Decor - An antique kitchen table and chairs would be perfect for your country kitchen. If you're not into antiques, think of selecting a red table and chairs. A corner hutch would be a great addition to the room.  Shop for things like old cookie jars, ceramic or porcelain farm animals and pottery kitchen ware to display in your country kitchen.

As you shop, don't forget to look at consignment shops and thrift stores. Craft shows are another great place to find unique articles for your country kitchen.


18 December 2015