Make A Hanging Lantern With An Empty Juice Jug, Embellishments, And Basic Tools

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Learn how to make a decorative hanging lanterns with the following steps. Use an empty juice jug. embellishments, and basic tools to create this project. Hang the finished lantern from a tree limb or set it on a table on your patio so that you have plenty of light to see when you are spending time outdoors at night.


  • empty juice jug
  • soapy water
  • sponge
  • lint-free cloth
  • newspaper
  • stencils
  • two-sided tape
  • scissors
  • luminous spray paint 
  • glass chips or marbles
  • craft wire
  • wire cutters
  • power drill
  • clip-on LED light (battery operated)

Clean The Jug And Add Luminous Paint To Its Exterior

Remove any labels from the jug. Clean the jug's surface with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse away any soapy residue from the jug with plain water. Dry the plastic surface with a lint-free cloth. Place the jug on a table that has been protected with old newspaper. Use pieces of two-sided tape to attach stencils to the jug's exterior. Select stencils that spell out your name or that depict an activity or item that you enjoy.

Fill in the cut out portions of each stencil with an even coat of luminous spray paint. Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry. Luminous paint absorbs photons from the sun's rays during the day. At night, the photons will be emitted from the jug's surface. As a result, the painted stencils will appear to be glowing.

Add Glass Chips Or Marbles And Attach A Handle

Fill the lantern with glass chips or marbles that are several, different colors. These decorative pieces will give the lantern's interior a shimmery appearance and will be intriguing to look at when the lantern is lit. Use a power drill to install two small holes at the top of the lantern. Space the holes evenly apart. Cut a piece of craft wire that is a couple feet long. Insert one end of the wire through each hole and twist it until it is secure.

Secure An LED Light And Set Up The Lantern

Attach a clip-on LED light that is battery operated to the wire. Place the light close to a section of the wire that is near the jug's interior. Push the light down so that it is held firmly inside of the lantern. Place the lantern in an area outdoors where you would like to increase visibility. It can easily be hung from a low-lying tree branch or set on a picnic table. Turn the LED light on. The luminous paint, glass chips or marbles, and LED light will all work together to provide your surroundings with beautiful lighting.


12 October 2015