Dogs Jumping At Your Windows? Follow These Tips To Prevent Damage

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If you have dogs that like to lunge and bang at your windows as cars or other animals pass by outside, over time your windows or window blinds may break, and your window sills can become damaged. You may have to get your dog some professional training if you cannot stop this behavior. In the meantime, follow the tips below to save your windows.

Window Film

Window film can be applied to your windows. The film will not let your dogs see as they are looking out the windows but it still lets light into your home.  When shopping for these films, you will notice they come in clear and opaque. You need to purchase the opaque films at the right level of opaqueness so your dogs cannot see out. The company you purchase them from may give you samples you can take home so you can determine what is best.

These films should come with instructions on how to apply them. The basic steps are to clean the window, spray it with a wetting solution that comes with the films, and then place the adhesive side of the film on the glass. The window has to be wet for the film to stick, so spray any area again that starts to dry. Once applied, use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles.

Purchase film that is wide and long to ensure you get the right size. Once applied, you can cut away any extra. You can also purchase spray window film, which may be easier for you to use.

You can leave the top of your windows free so you can see out easier, if you prefer.

Pet Guards

You can find pet guards at home supply stores or online that are placed over the windows to give it added protection.  These guards are made from a durable aluminum and are available in different colors so you can find something that goes with the decor of your home. You can order the pet guards in custom sizes to ensure they properly fit your windows. 

Purchase electronic pet guards. These guards allow you to open them by pressing a button when you want to see out the window. Many companies will come to your home and measure and install the pet guards for you. If not, they will come with complete instructions on how to install them.

As an added safety measure, if you use blinds on your windows, purchase vertical blinds instead of horizontal. This way your dog can simply push them aside when they stick their nose through the blind. Of course, once they stick their nose through, they won't be able to see anything if you follow the steps above.

For more information on window blinds and other window furnishings that could be safe for your dog, contact professionals, like Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds.


18 August 2015