The Household Items That Work Best For Temporary Pest Control

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Do you have a variety of pests plaguing your yard, garden, home interior, or all of the above? Only the assistance of a pest control company (such as Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control) can truly rid you of these annoyances. But there are a few household items that can help keep the pests at bay until professional help can arrive.

Before you use these tips, make sure you try and eliminate potential causes for the pest problem. Fruit flies, for example, are attracted to rotting fruit so make sure you don't have any sitting around in your kitchen or else treating the pests will only be a short-term solution.

Here are a few of the most versatile household products when it comes to pest control.


White vinegar has a variety of household cleaning uses. But the substance is also great at repelling or trapping a wide variety of pests including slugs, ants, and fruit flies.

For use in the garden, create a diluted vinegar solution using no more than one part vinegar to three parts water. Any stronger of a solution can cause damage to your plants or grass. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spritz a generous amount around the perimeter of the infested area at least once a week until the problem goes away or your pest control service comes.

Inside the home, you can fill a mason jar with vinegar until it's about a quarter full. Then stir in a few drops of sweet smelling dish soap. Set the mason jar trap in the room where you're experiencing the most fruit flies or gnats. The sweet smell will attract the pest while the combination of liquids will cause them to drown once the gnats land on the surface.

Essential Oils

Many keep essential oils on hand for crafting, scented baths, or to use as a perfume or cologne. Expand your essential oil collection to include lavender or lemongrass, if you don't already own these for their relaxation and energizing aromatherapy, respectively.

You can mix a few drops of either oil with a small of vodka in a spray bottle. Spritz the combination mosquitoes, fleas, flies, or ticks are becoming a problem. Spray at least once a week until pest control professionals arrive. The scent and acidity of the vodka should keep the pests at bay while also keeping your home smelling lovely.

You can also use the oils and some microwavable unscented wax melts to make your own pest-repelling candles to sit on the tables when you're outside.


29 July 2015