4 Warning Signs That Your Heater Needs Repairs


Knowing when you need heating repair is essential to ensuring that you continue to keep your heater running as smoothly as possible. Without necessary repairs, your heater will not only stop functioning as it should, but it will also cause your energy bill to skyrocket and can even cause a potential house fire. Here are four warning signs that your heater probably needs repairs that you should never ignore:

  1. Odd Noises: Noises coming from your heater are never a good thing. This typically indicates that something is malfunctioning inside of the heater itself. You should call a heating repair professional to check it out. If he or she indicates that any mechanical parts need replacing, don't hesitate to follow through with it. New parts are always beneficial and worth it in the end because it can prevent worse problems from arising in the future that will cause you to replace your heater sooner rather than later. 
  2. Bad Smells: If you smell any bad musty or burning smells coming from the heater, then you need to call the professionals once again. These problems shouldn't be addressed on your own since it could mean that there is a chance of fire. A professional will diagnose the issue. In some cases, all that is needed is some cleaning of the filters inside to prevent the smell from continuing. Another possible problem is that there could be a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous to breathe in. 
  3. A Water Leak: A water leak coming from your heater is another concern for the professionals to handle. Water leaks indicate that something isn't functioning properly on the interior of the heater. Your repair professional will be able to patch up these leaks before they cause any major water damage to the rest of your home.
  4. Poor Airflow: Poor airflow from the heater is a problem that is commonly ignored. However, this is a problem that you should take just as seriously as others since this is what's going to cause your energy bills to increase. This is because your heater is going to be working twice as hard to get the air out if the airflow is restricted. You may notice this when standing near any of the heater vents in your home or you notice that it takes longer than usual for any room in the house to heat up. 

By knowing when to receive repairs for your heater, you can avoid increased energy costs each month that you use it and even the possibility of having to replace the heater sooner than you otherwise should've needed to. 


30 April 2015