Weather Resistant Outdoor Patio Furniture

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With the beginning of warm days comes a natural inclination to relocate your living to the outdoors. The outdoor spaces of your home become an extension, an outdoor room, of your home. This carefree outdoor lifestyle calls for worry-free, weather resistant furnishings for your outdoor space. Look for these materials when choosing your outdoor pieces:

Plastic or Resin: This is easily the most affordable option, and the furniture is lightweight. The designs choices tend to be quite limited, however, and those in windier climates should consider something more substantial. Plastic requires little care, just a quick rinse off with the garden hose should suffice. Plastic does tend to crack after a year or two of exposure to the elements.

Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum: These are lightweight and affordable designs that require little to no maintenance, thanks to the powder coating. Extruded aluminum is the least expensive, with cast aluminum being a little heavier and sturdier.

Stainless Steel: If you are looking for a more modern, sleek approach to outdoor living, stainless steel has a clean and contemporary look. Stainless steel offers a light weight and a durable, rust-resistant finish. Be careful with this type of furniture if you are in a coastal area, however, since salt can corrode the finish.

Wood: The most durable woods are teak, cedar and eucalyptus; with teak being the stand-out. Teak wood is costlier, but a teak piece could last 70 years, so you might consider it a wise investment. Lower priced, but still long-lasting, hardwoods are another option. Look for center cut heartwood pieces.

Wrought Iron and Iron: Iron adds a more formal and elegant look and certainly won't be blowing away. Iron is, however, heavy to move and you'll want some comfortable cushions to soften it it up. A coat of paint every year or so is all iron requires to keep its looks.

Wicker: Real wicker furniture is inappropriate for settings that expose it to the elements, so reserve this material for use in a covered area. All-weather wicker looks just like real wicker but is made of twisted fibers that resist the elements.

Cushions: New UV-resistant and weather resistant fabrics allow you to further make your outdoor areas part of your home. Colorful and affordable choices give you an instant update. Look for cushions with vents to allow faster drying and prevent mildew.

Careful choices in your outdoor room will result in many years of enjoyment and happy memories. With a little foresight, you can purchase patio furniture with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your comfortable outdoor haven will be there for many years to come.  


13 April 2015