How to Landscape with a Mexican Theme

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Have you chosen a traditional Mexican theme for your backyard? Whether you are landscaping a brand new house or giving your existing backyard a brand new look, here are some steps you can take that will make your yard look beautiful and unique.

Divide the yard into two areas, one for entertaining and the other one for your garden area.

The Entertainment Spot—As you are designing your backyard, consider where you want your entertainment area to be.

  • Consider separating this area from your garden area by using flagstone or brick as your foundation.
  • If you are going to have a full outdoor kitchen, your entertainment area can be located anywhere you choose. However, if you're just going to have a grilling area, then you'll want easy access to your indoor kitchen.
  • Consider having a large chimenea as your focal point and place your furniture close by. Black wrought iron would be perfect. Not only does it lend itself well to your theme, but it is also very durable. Choose colorful seat cushions and add throw pillows with huge tassels on them that are reminiscent of pinatas.
  • Hang festive lights anywhere you can place them, and decorate with clay birds and Mexican pots which will hold ferns and flowering plants.

The Garden Spot—Unless you are an experienced gardener, it would be very helpful for you to use a landscape company to help you plan your design. Consider sketching a design of your own and then asking the contractor to fine-tune it for you.

  • A beautiful focal point for your garden area would be to place a traditional Mexican water fountain right in the middle of your garden. Surround it with the same type of clay decorative birds and pots which you used in your entertainment area. Not only would this be beautiful, but it would visually link the two areas of your backyard. 
  • If yours is a brand new home, ask the contractor to recommend a lawn that will be hardy and easy to care for. Consider the installation of an automatic sprinkling system which will not only make maintenance easier, but will save on water costs.
  • Place flower beds in strategic areas of your yard and separate them from the lawn by installing decorative concrete dividers. A beautiful touch would be to add baskets of more ferns and colorful flowers hanging from your tree branches. 

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26 March 2015