Learn How To Let Your Teen Customize Their Furniture In A Unique Way

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As children get older, they will want to start to decorate their room to show their unique style. While it would be nice if you could let him or her go wild with their decorating choices in their room, some decorative looks can be difficult for a teen to achieve on their own. A great way to allow your teen to be creative with their decorating choices is to allow them to customize a piece of their furniture. Below is a guide for a quick and easy way for your teen to make any furniture look new and interesting.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Two colors of Spray Paint
  • School Glue
  • Polyurethane Gel
  • A Paintbrush
  • A Screwdriver
  • A Tarp

Prepare to Paint

Before your teen paints the furniture, they need to remove the handles from any drawers of the furniture. 

Paint the Furniture

Have your teen place the furniture on the tarp and use the lightest color of spray paint to paint the entire piece of furniture and the fronts of any drawers. Have him or her hold the can of spray paint a foot away from the furniture and move it back and forth in short strokes to create an even look. Your teen needs to let the paint dry overnight before continuing.

Create a Design

Once the paint dries, your child can create any design on the furniture that he or she wants with the glue. First, the furniture needs to be turned so that the side that he or she is hoping to decorate is facing the sky. When creating lines with the glue, be sure that they are thick so that they are easy to see. Allow the glue to dry four to five hours and then flip the furniture so that the other side can be decorated in the same fashion.

Paint the Furniture Again

Paint the entire piece of furniture the same way that they painted it before using the second color of paint. The paint needs to dry overnight before continuing.

Finish the Furniture

To finish the furniture, carefully peel the glue away from the furniture. The light color of paint will be revealed when the glue is removed and it will create the detailed look that your child wants. They need to paint the furniture with the polyurethane gel to create a protective barrier. Allow the gel to dry overnight before using the furniture.

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10 December 2014