Three Ways To Protect Your Plumbing From A Mischievous Toddler

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Once your child figures out how to walk, you'll start finding items in places you never would have imagined. Suddenly your hairbrush shows up on the dining room floor, or that sock you've been missing magically makes its way into the toy box. Toddlers can be mischievous, and as cute as these behaviors may be, they can lead to costly plumbing repairs if you're not careful. After all, a toilet sure looks a lot like a toy box to your little one.

In order to prevent clogs, overflows and expensive calls to the plumber, use these tips to toddler-proof your bathroom and kitchen.

Store your toddler's step stool far away from the bathroom.

Clever toddlers will quickly figure out how to scoot their stepping stools towards the sink when you turn your back for a minute. Not only could this lead to burns if your child actually manages to turn on the water, but it could also be bad news for your drain if small items or entire bottles of shampoo end up in the sink. Keeping the stool in another room will prevent your toddler from reaching the sink without you.

Install a toilet lid lock.

Almost every parent has had to plunge the toilet or call a plumber after a toddler flushes an item. By installing a lid lock, you ensure your child can't access the toilet bowl without your help. Lid locks are simple devices that attach to the toilet bowl and lid. Typically, you have to press two buttons at the same time to open the lock; toddlers lack the fine motor skills to perform this movement.

Make sure your tub drain is secure.

Your child is unlikely to send anything down the tub drain while he or she is being supervised at bath time, but you never know what might end up in the tub drain when your child goes off to play while you're getting dressed or making breakfast. Make sure the grate on your tub drain is properly anchored to the floor of your tub. Also make sure it's a variety with very small holes, so your toddler can't sneak little odds and ends like hair clips or pieces of paper down the drain.

A large number of plumbing calls can be avoided by being proactive about protecting your plumbing from the dangers of an active toddler. Make sure you follow these tips as soon as your child starts roaming for best results. If you do find yourself in need of a plumber's help, call Rakeman Plumbing.


9 December 2014