3 Ways To Make Your Old Furniture Look New Again

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If you have older furniture that looks faded and worn down, sometimes just replacing these outdated pieces seems like the best thing to do. You can make your old furniture look new and modern again just by putting a little effort into your loyal furniture pieces. Check out 3 ways to make your old furniture something you can be proud of.

Refinish old wood

Wood furniture in particular takes a beating over time, becoming discolored, cracked, and splintered. Refinish old coffee and end tables and noble chairs by sanding them down to an original smoothness and adding a great wood stain to make them new again. Rather than stick to classic honey or aged-wood stains, go for something a bit more modern and apply a deep cherry red or royal purple stain to really make them stand out. If your wood has an excellent grain you want to stand out, use a similar-colored stain. Tips for great refinishing include:

  • using chemical stripping material to remove previous varnish or stain before sanding
  • sanding with 120 grit sandpaper
  • applying a sanding sealer

As you refinish your furniture, it's important that you work in a well-ventilated area,

Decoupage old chests, end tables, and shelves

Decoupage is an art style that combines pieces of paper and textured flat items (such as doilies, cards, and even photos) to create a colorful and whimsical surface on many types of items. Storage spaces, end tables, and shelves are ideal for decoupage projects, and can make a unique conversation piece in your home. You can use craft paper, newspaper, tissue, and even decorated cards to create amazing designs on your old furniture that you would normally leave in hiding.

Cover old couches and chairs with new designs

If your lounging furniture is lacking in style and design, you can reupholster your furniture with new material to make it look amazing and new again. Choose from many engaging and fun colors and designs, including chevron, antique floral, and pastels. Not only is covering your furniture a great way to revamp old and outdated designs, it also protects your cushions and backing from uneven wear.

Your furniture can be revamped in new ways to make your home look amazing. Use these easy and fun tips to not only give your furniture the boost it needs, but give your home a whole new and unique style. In applying furniture repair to make your furniture look new again, even the oldest pieces in your home can become a real piece of trendy decor.


9 December 2014