How To Do Simple Window Screen Repair


It is not difficult to repair a window screen on your own if it has become ripped or has a hole in it. You will need a few household items to fix a window screen until you are able to purchase a new one. Here are some instructions that you can use to repair your window screen easily.

Repairing Tiny or Small Holes

A small hole would be something that is smaller than the size of a pea. If you have small holes in your screen, you can do a quick fix by applying some clear nail polish over the hole. This works well in plugging up the area so that small insects do not get through. You could also use scotch tape, but this is much more noticeable and does not look as nice. You could also purchase a window screen repair kit from a home goods store or hardware store to fix smaller holes.

Repairing Medium-Sized Rips or Holes

If you have a medium ripped area that can not be patched easily, you will need to do a little sewing to fix it. This repair will work best on holes that are smaller than two or three inches in diameter. Remove the screen from the window to do this repair.

You will first need to find an old screen that you can use to cut a piece off to do the repair. If you cannot find one, you should be able to find some sheets of screening in your local hardware store. Cut the screen to fit over the rip, and give it an extra half-inch to inch on each side so that you have room to sew it onto the existing screen.

Using a needle and thread, you will want to sew through each hole in the new piece of screening and sew it directly over the broken screen. Weave in and out of each square until it feels securely in place. 

Repairing Large Tears

If your window screen is ripped up where you cannot possibly repair it easily by patching or sewing, you will need to remove it from the window frame completely and place a new piece of screening in its place. To remove the screen, you will need to take apart the frame by removing the molding that is attached on the sides of the frame.

Underneath will be staples that are holding the existing screen in place. Remove these with a staple remover. Cut your new screen to fit and staple into place. Place the molding back into place. You can also contact a window screen repair company like United Glass Service Inc for help.


5 December 2014