5 Tell Tale Signs You Have A Shifting Foundation

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Are you beginning to notice small, odd changes to your home? Some of the slightest changes to your homes structure could be an indication of a shifting or failing foundation. Here are some things to look out for:

Leaky Roof

If you begin to notice that your roof is leaking and your shingles are in good repair, you could have an issue with your foundation. When you are checking the leak, thoroughly check to make sure shingles aren't missing, the chimney is sealed, and the gutters are in good shape. If all of those items check out, it may be time to have your foundation inspected.

Cracks on the Base of the Foundation

Another tell tale sign of foundation issues are cracks on the concrete at the base of the house. Sometimes these cracks are just cosmetic damage and will not affect the overall stability of the home. However, if the cracks are longer than a dollar bill, you should probably have it checked in order to prevent any problems that can stem from that damage.

Standing Water Near the Foundation

If you notice a draining issue around your home that is causing water to build up around the base of the foundation, it is wise to have whatever is causing that standing water repaired immediately. Standing water is not an indication of a foundation problem, but it can cause problems for it down the line. That standing water can weaken the soil around that area of the foundation. Over time, the soil could wash completely away from the foundation, leaving you with an unsupported area at the base of your house.

Doors that Stick

If you begin to notice that you doors inside are beginning to stick or become difficult to open and close, you could also have an issue with the foundation shifting. As the house moves, the shape of the doors stays constant. A shifting foundation will cause the doorways to mover very slightly in a way that won't let the doors close properly.

Cracks in the Walls

Once you notice any long cracks in the interior walls of your home, it is time to have the foundation checked immediately. They are most often present where the wall meets the ceiling or other walls. These often indicate where the joints are pulling away from each other.

When you suspect that you have an issue with your foundation, it is best to call in a technician to have everything inspected. As time moves on, these problems will worsen, causing more structural damage to the home. For more information, contact a company like Safe-Guard Waterproofing.


3 December 2014